MTN PRO Canvas Varnish 400ml



MTN PRO Canvas Varnish 400ml

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MTN PRO Canvas Varnish 400ml

This MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish 400ml comes in 3 variants, namely high gloss, satin and matte finish. High quality varnish paint from Montana Colors.

MTN Canvas Varnish is a spray that gives a non-drip and non-yellowing protective layer over your artwork. Formulated to create a barrier and finish to protect your art projects. Montana Colors Canvas Varnish protects your graffiti art, fine art and collectibles from smudges, dirt and dust and minor damage extending the life of your work for years to come.


  • Shake the spray can well before use, about one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer. (For satin and matte finishes).
  • Apply to clean and dry surfaces. Apply to completely dry colors in thin layers at a distance of 15-20cm.
  • On old and/or deteriorated artwork, do a preliminary cleaning and restoration of the surface and then proceed with the varnish coat. Oil paints must be dry before varnish can be applied. Some oil paints may take months (even a year), depending on the thickness of the layer applied, until completely dry. We recommend that you perform a test on a small area and/or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • To clean nozzles, place the clogged nozzle on the solvent valve and press to try to clear the clog.
  • Never apply to equipment that is connected and use in well ventilated areas

MTN PRO Canvas Varnish – Safety Data Sheet
MTN PRO Canvas Varnish – Technical Data Sheet

Observe the following warnings when using this product.



  • Highly flammable
  • harmful to health in the long term
  • irritant or harmful
  • do not store below freezing point or above 50°C
  • do not pierce

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Always read the product’s packaging before using it.


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