• How to use the Spray.Bike Frame Builder Prep & Finish products

    How to use the Spray.Bike Frame Builder Prep & Finish products Frame Builder’s Prep & FinishPrimers, undercoats, metal plating and finishing coats SprayBike Frame Builder’s Metal Primer – 400 ml This modern hi-tech anti-corrosion primer is designed for use on any bare metal bicycle frame prior to painting. The acrylic base and white colour make […]

  • How to use Spray.Bike

    How to use Spray.Bike Spray.Bike has a groundbreaking range of bike specific colour coatings, designed for both amateur and professional use. Spray.Bike paint is a dry, matt powder coating that does not drip in any way. Developed specifically for bikes, the spray paint is revolutionary in its ease of application and in the quality of […]

  • Pimp your bike with Spray.Bike

    Pimp your bike with Spray.Bike Tired of your old bike? Try painting your bike with Spray.Bike paint. Make your bike what you want it to be, more personal and unique is hardly possible! This way everyone knows that your bike is really your bike and completely matched with your personality. Make your pimped bike as […]

  • Chameleon Colour & Blending System, colour like never before

    Chameleon Colour & Blending System, colour like never before Chameleon‘s Color & Blending System marker sets allow you to mix colours and make transitions like you have never been able to before. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional. The unique alcohol markers allow you to take your creativity to a whole […]

  • Posca markers | The paint markers for endless creativity

    Posca markers | The paint markers for endless creativity The Posca markers, you probably already know them. Since the 1980s, Posca markers have been very popular in the graffiti scene, but they are also increasingly being used for other creative expressions. The Posca paint markers are incredibly versatile, not only because there are no less […]

  • Review: Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Pen

    We recently started offering Pilot‘s entire range, including the popular erasable FriXion pens. The pen that immediately caught our eye and was also immediately adopted for personal use, is the FriXion Clicker Pen. Perfect for both sketching and writing! The pen is mainly made of plastic with a supple rubber grip and a transparent plastic […]

  • Frixion Light, the new way to highlight!

    The Pilot FriXion pens are quite innovative as you can erase the ink with the back of the pen. Since recently, there are also FriXion erasable highlighters available! This highlighter is available in several colours and is easy to use when studying or for colouring in your sketches. With these markers, you have complete freedom […]

  • Explanation: MTN Pro Primer Sprays

    This week, we are going to highlight the MTN Pro Primer sprays. The series contains four primers, each with a unique property for pre-treating certain materials. In addition to ensuring good adhesion of the paint, they also act as a protective layer on the material. Primers for spray paint are a good addition to any […]

  • Review: Erasable Chalk Sprays & Chalk Markers

    With chalk paint products you have the possibility to make temporary graffiti, drawings, texts or guerilla actions. Think of catering signs, brainstorming on glass walls, or a marketing campaign. Chalk paint is available in both chalk spray and chalk pens.Montana-Colors takes chalk spray one step further by devoting an entire PRO line to it. In […]

  • Masking and stenciling on bicycle frame

    Masking and stencilingIf you use masking techniques (using adhesive tape, for example) or stenciling after an initial coat, you should always wait 20 minutes before applying the tape or stencil to the bicycle frame, to ensure that the paint is dry enough not to be pulled away when removed.Masking can sometimes create lines against the […]

  • Molotow Liquid Chrome on various surfaces

    Here are some recommendations for how and on what different kinds of surfaces you can use the Molotow Liquid Chrome Pumpmarkers. The markers are available in 4 different sizes, with a tip of 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm! You can easily replace the marker tip with any desired tip and in […]

  • Stencil Art | be creative with stencils

    A very easy and very cheap way to brighten up your interior or clothes is with stencil art! Stencils are also ideal for use in graffiti and street art. There are many artists who choose to paint with a stencil, because it is a lot faster and gives perfect results every time, think of Banksy’s […]

  • Lockdown tip: Upcycling!

    Are you tired of staring at the same objects in your living room all the time and already the walls are closing in on you? We’ve all been sitting at home for a long time and we’re still not sure when the end will come. For many people, changes in the interior give a sense […]

  • Meet the new markers from QBIX!

    We at Suitup are huge fans of QBIX. The stencils were already very popular, but now even more products have been added to the range. The stencils are available with letters, numbers, patterns, shapes and much more. They are ideal for use in street art and graffiti, but also very useful for pimping your interior. […]

  • Review: MTN94 fluorescent and transparent colours

    It’s spring and time for this review of the MTN94 Fluorescent Spray Paint and the MTN94 Transparent Colors! These two special colour product lines from Montana Colors are designed for specific applications, and therefore, when working with these colours, there are definitely some special factors to consider. We hope this review will give you a […]

  • All you need to know about MTN Water Based Spray Paint

    Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint is a revolutionary spray paint with unique features that has changed the graffiti and urban fine-art world. If you are not yet familiar with Montana Water Based Spray Paint, we have gathered all the basic information about these water based spray paints for you. Montana Water Based Paint: Revolutionary […]

  • Stencils from QBIX

    Recently we have started selling a new product from a new brand. Namely stencils from QBIX. The stencils are A3 size and you can choose between sturdy cardboard or durable plastic (which we will soon add to our assortment). There are many categories with single-layer and two-layer designs. They are suitable for a wide audience, […]

  • Less harmful indoor graffiti

    Most graffiti writers, like us, moonlight in their spare time. They use their skills to paint public spaces, pimp someone’s car or spray-paint a wall in an office or someone’s room. Some do it on the side, mainly to get free paint, while others make a living out of it and therefore stand almost daily […]

  • Graffiti tips & tricks

    As a graffiti shop, people often ask us if we have any tips for using the spray cans and accessories. This gave us the idea to put together the most important ten tips that come to mind. Here are 10 graffiti tips to make the artist’s life a little easier. Tip #1 – Use the […]

  • Graffiti workshops

    Graffiti has become mainstream and therefore graffiti workshops are also very popular. People like to create something. Graffiti workshops are organised for children’s parties, company outings or for example family weekends. There are many companies, run by graffiti artists who organise workshops on a daily basis. This is a nice way to learn from a […]

  • spijkerjack pimpen

    DIY: Pimp your denim jacket!

    Pimp your denim jacket! Jeans jackets, like jeans, are timeless and never get out of fashion. Logically, they are extremely versatile, easy to combine and available in different colors and styles. From a vintage denim jacket, to oversized, with paint splatters or with a nice print on the back. Chances are you have an old […]

  • Tie Dye, how does that work?

    Many tie-dye techniques are explained, showing you how to get started as a professional, but sometimes you just want to get to know the basics! In this post, we’ll explain the basics in simple tie-dye instructions, whether you want to learn how to make a tie-dye shirt, how to dye socks or any other fabric […]