Replaceable Caps

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Showing 1–20 of 60 results

Replaceable caps

When it comes to graffiti art, the cap you use can make a world of difference to the results of your work. Whether you want to replace an old cap or change your style to create new effects in your artwork, Suitup has a wide range of caps for you.

Here you will find a wide range of replaceable caps for your aerosols. Each cap has unique properties in line width and style. Each cap fits all brands of aerosol cans from our range.

You can choose from three types of spray caps for different line thicknesses, namely Skinny caps for thin lines and details, Medium caps for coloring and thick lines and Fat caps for big work and filling large areas and flair tags.

The MTN Super Skinny Cap is an ideal spray tip for very fine lines and details, with a line thickness of 0.5 cm. For medium lines, the Molotow “SmoothSoft” Cap is perfect, with a width of 3cm. The most commonly used fat cap from MTN is the MTN Pink Dot Fatcap, with a width of 6cm.

Do you want a longer reach? Then go for the MTN Needle Cap, because of the extension on the opening you can reach higher than standard nozzles. The MTN Transversal Cap also has a bit more reach than a standard cap which is perfect for calligraphy as the line width varies from 1.8cm to 6cm. The MTN Super Fat Cap is for the thick lines and the quick filling in of large surfaces. The Molotow Mixing Caps consist of two caps with a tube in the middle, making them a useful tool for transferring paint from one aerosol to another.

Do you want a whole stock of your favorite cap right away? Then we have filled buckets with caps, so you can move forward for a long time! The MTN Pink Dot Fatcap bucket contains no less than 1000 pieces of the well-known cap.