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I haven’t received an order confirmation.

These emails are sent automatically, but can sometimes end up in your spam folder.
Perhaps you’ve made a typo, please contact Support for your order confirmation.

I’ve entered the wrong shipping address.

Did you enter a faulty shipping address? Contact us as soon as possible! Unfortunately, we can no longer change the address if your order has already been transferred to PostNL.

If your order is shipped with a faulty address, it will most likely be returned to us by PostNL. We will contact you in that case. Unfortunately, we then need to charge shipping costs for the new label.

To prevent this, please check your address carefully when placing an order!

Can I change my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot change orders.

Can I cancel my order?

Our orders are processed almost immediately. Did you make a mistake in your order? Contact us as soon as possible! Unfortunately, we can no longer cancel orders when they have been transferred to PostNL. So please check your order carefully!

I have received an incomplete order.

Does the packing slip indicate a subsequent delivery? If this is not the case, we could have made a packing mistake, our apologies! Please contact us with your order details and what you are missing.

Where can I find my invoice?

Your invoice can be found as an attachment to the shipping notification email. You can also download the invoice in your account. If you can’t find it, you can always email us.


What is the delivery time of my order?

Orders placed before 5:00 PM on business days will be shipped the same day. Orders placed on weekends will be shipped the following business day. The average delivery time to the UK is between 3-10 business days.

Which shipping party do you use?

Our orders are shipped by PostNL.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders placed before 5:00 PM on business days will be shipped the same day. Orders placed on weekends will be shipped the following business day.
If there are any issues with your order we will contact you directly.

I haven’t received tracking information.

You will receive your tracking information from PostNL on the email address you have placed the order with. This can take a while as our system needs to connect with PostNL’s system.
Didn’t receive any tracking? Please contact our support team.

I haven’t received my order.

Does PostNL’s Track & Trace indicate that the package has been delivered, but you have not received it? Please check with your neighbours or a possible external letterbox, as it might have been dropped off at a parcel shop. Still no sign of it? Then we can start an investigation with PostNL. This can take several working days.

Can I pick up my order?

Suitup is online-only, we don’t have a physical shop location or pick-up-point.

Product information

My spray can is clogged, what do I do?

The clogging of an aerosol can have 2 causes:

  1. The cap (nozzle) is clogged by frequent use.

Solution: To make the cap usable again, you can soak the cap in a container with turpentine for at least 24 hours. After this you can clear the entrances with a needle and spray it with air. A faster and easier option is to make sure you have some spare caps. A fresh cap works wonders! You can also use the MTN Pro Solvent cap cleaner, this aerosol is developed to unclog caps.

Prevention: the frequent use of a cap causes the nozzle passage to slowly clog due to dried paint. To prevent this, it is advisable to turn the aerosol upside down after each use and spray the cap clean with air only.

  1. The straw inside the aerosol is clogged with pigment powder.

The fact that the straw is clogged may be because it was not shaken properly, or because the aerosol has been used in cold temperatures. In both cases the pigment (powder) is not mixed with the solvent.

Solution: First shake the aerosol well for 2 minutes and then put on a new cap with a wide spray, like the Astro Fatcap or Pink Dot Fat Cap. Press the cap as hard as possible, while making a circular movement. As soon as the straw is free, hold the aerosol upside down again and spray the straw clean with air.

Prevention: You can prevent blockage by always shaking the aerosol well before use and using and storing the aerosol in a place where it is not too cold.

My paint marker isn’t working, what do I do?

The paint markers from Posca, Molotow, Pintor, Krink, QBIX and Kreul work with a pump system. To get the paint flowing, shake the marker well and then pump it for 1-2 minutes on a test surface. After + – 30 sec the point / tip will slowly fill with paint. This is only necessary with new markers. The tip can also be dried out because the cap wasn’t put on properly.

I can’t find all products/colours on the website.

You will only find products and colours on the website that are currently in stock. This way you can never order something that is not there. We receive weekly deliveries from our suppliers, so keep an eye on the website to check whether your favourite product or colour is back in stock!

Which spray paints are suitable for children?

We recommend the MTN Water Based product line for children. This is a water-based and odourless paint. The aerosol cans are also somewhat smaller in size (300ml or 100ml) so that children can easily work with them. Take a look at our fun workshop packs!

Can spray paint be used on textiles?

You can certainly use the MTN94, MTN Hardcore2 and MTN Water Based spray paints on textiles. Please note: they are not textile paints and can therefore fade over time.

How can I remove spray paint?

Not completely satisfied with your artwork or project? Don’t worry, you can remove the paint with MTN Pro Paint Stripper or Solvent. This will make the paint layer dissolve, after which you can easily remove the residue with, for example, a paint scraper.

Do I need to use a primer?

A primer can ensure a better adhesion of the paint or as protection of the substrate. A primer is not always necessary, but it is recommended in the following cases. If you are working on a bare surface that is made of metal, carbon, plastic or foam, we recommend pre-treating it with a primer. In this way, the colour adheres better and your desired paint layer stays in place. If you want to protect your work and make it scratch-resistant, we recommend finishing it with a varnish or lacquer layer.

Do I need to use a varnish?

With a varnish, your project or artwork is better protected against external influences. In addition, varnish ensures that colours stand out better and do not discolour by UV light.

It is advisable to use a varnish of the same brand as that of your surface. Each brand contains a different chemical composition, which can cause an unexpected chemical reaction. Depending on the basis of your varnish, the following rules of thumb apply:

Water-based and acrylic-based varnishes can be used on almost all surfaces, including synthetic ones. The other way around often does not work. A synthetic varnish over a water-based coat is not recommended.

Which primer do I use for plastics?

Plastics are quite sensitive and therefore we recommend to use a primer if you plan to work with synthetic paint. You can use the MTN Pro Plastic Primer for this.

Which primer do I use for aluminium?

The best primer for aluminium, zinc and other complicated metals is the MTN Pro Wash Primer. Apply 1-2 coats of primer and apply MTN94 or MTN Hardcore2 within 20-30 minutes. It is best to do this when the primer is still “wet”. After an hour, the paint starts with a number of chemical processes and if you then apply a new coat with paint or varnish, it can damage it.

Can spray paints be used on wood?

You can use MTN94 / MTN Hardcore2 / MTN Water Based spray paint on wood. Make sure the surface is clean and degreased and lightly sand an already painted surface.

How many cans do I need for my project?

The rule of thumb is: with a 400ml aerosol you can cover about 2m2. With a spray can of 300ml that is about 1.5m2 and with 100ml you cover about 0.5m2. And remember, you’d rather have too much paint than too little 😉


How do I return my product(s)?

Returns are no problem at all. At Suitup you have 30 days to return the product.

The product can only be returned unused and, if possible, in its original packaging. The return costs are for your account. We will credit the purchase amount within 14 days.

Please find the return policy here:

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