About Suitup

Suitup is the leading online art supply shop, with the largest range of aerosols and caps, markers and ink, sketching and drawing supplies, protection, painting supplies, art magazines and books, stickers, templates and more. In short, a complete range to handle any (urban) art project.

In addition to the shop, we are happy to share inspiration and tips about the use of our products on our blog. If you have any suggestions or would like to share something with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Suitup was founded in 2013 with a shop close to Central Station in The Hague. We founded the graffiti shop at the time, because we had the feeling that our city (like so many other cities and towns in the Netherlands) missed a central graffiti point. You came to our shop not only for your stuff, but also to exchange your experiences or jam together. In 2019 we decided to close the physical shop. Nowadays you can only order through the webshop.

Assortment & Brands

We are constantly expanding our range with new brands and products that we find relevant and that appeal to us. Suitup has grown from a pure graffiti shop to a shop where you can find all your art supplies. We currently sell (among others) the brands MTN, Molotow, Spray.Bike, Posca, Pilot, Clairefontaine, Sharpie, Uniball, Grog, Krink and QBIX. But again: we regularly add new brands to keep the range as up to date as possible.

Thanks to our experience and dedication in and around the art scene, we know well what works and what doesn’t. We only sell products that we also use ourselves, and that for the best possible price.

Need help?

Send us an email: support@suitupshop.com