MTN PRO 99% Zinc Primer Spray



MTN PRO 99% Zinc Primer Spray

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MTN PRO 99% Zinc Primer Spray

MTN PRO Zinc 99% is a quick-drying primer spray that is rich in zinc. It is especially suitable for corrosion protection of iron and cathodically protected steel surfaces. Ideal as a base coat for other paints thanks to the elastic film that forms on the surface.

It is especially suitable for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, such as: metal structures, fences, deposits, welding joints, repair of galvanized parts, industrial vehicles, coastal installations, railway equipment, etc.

– Excellent resistance to climatic and chemical agents
– Good coverage
– Good curing properties and very flexible
– Feels extremely fast-drying
– Completely dry in 24 hours
– Protection against corrosion
– Can be used in welding processes due to its conductivity
– Resistant to 350º C
– Can be used as base and top coat
– Contains no lead


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