MTN Hardcore – 12 pcs package



MTN Hardcore – 12 pcs package

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MTN Hardcore – 12 pcs package

This is a package of 12 aerosol cans in the color shades black, white, pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, green, light green, blue and light blue.

The MTN Hardcore2 aerosols 400 ml paint are among the best spray paint on the market, for a very low price. Because of the high pressure, you have quickly covered your surface with these graffiti cans. The paint has a glossy finish and each color has a unique scent to match.

MTN Hardcore2 paint is known for the colors still fresh on the surface even after years in wind and weather. Good to put a timeless piece with.

Montana Colors is made in Barcelona and is specially developed for artists. Where the German Montana is owned by the giant Motip, the Spanish (real) Montana is independent. Here it is all about passion, to produce the best graffiti paint.

Each bus comes with a MTN Pocket Cap (normal line width).



Observe the following warnings when using this product.



  • highly flammable
  • harmful to health in the long term
  • irritant or harmful
  • do not store below freezing point or above 50°C
  • do not pierce

For more information on the meaning of the symbols and safety instructions, click here.

CAUTION: These symbols and information are purely indicative, no rights can be derived from the information or symbols on this page.
Always read the product packaging before using the product.


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