Montana Blackout Tarblack 400ml


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Montana Blackout Tarblack 400ml

Pigmented matte black tar formula

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Montana Blackout Tarblack 400ml

Montana Blackout Tarblack features a pigmented matte black tar formula for a rich, opaque finish, without the prominent brown undertones of many other tar-based sprays.

It comes in a high pressure canister with Montana’s Level 5 Fat Cap to cover large areas quickly and cleanly. It also dries extremely quickly – in about two minutes – which is roughly three times faster than other tar-based sprays.

Montana Blackout Tarblack is extremely high opacity and can even mask chrome and metallic colors, wet or dry. It also works particularly well on unprimed surfaces where paint would usually be absorbed.

Montana Blackout Tarblack is made in Germany.


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