Pilot FriXion Ball Set2Go – 4 pieces



Pilot FriXion Ball Set2Go – 4 pieces

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Pilot FriXion Ball Set2Go – 4 pieces

The Frixion Ball is the erasable pen. Without eraser, without eraser, without damage to the paper, text can be easily removed. It is possible because the ink of the Frixion ball reacts to heat. Friction with the plastic end of the ink roller creates heat, making the ink invisible. Rewrite the text and you’re done. Cold (-15 degrees) has the opposite effect. Place the erased text in the freezer compartment and after a short time the text will be visible again.

The Pilot’s latest packaging innovation is made from 100% recycled plastic, designed and produced in Europe by PILOT.
The Frixion Set2Go is a smart pen holder system and compatible with many FRIXION pens. This set can be used on its own or paired with one or more FriXion Set2Go desk organizers. The new organizer is perfect for all desks: at home or at work.

– Ballpoint pen set of 8
– Color: Sky Blue, Purple, Coral Pink, Apricot
– Plastic with loose cap
– Erasable ink
– Writing width: 0.35
– Tip size: 0.7mm
– Ink Color: Sky Blue, Purple, Coral Pink, Apricot
– Frixionball refills
– Ideal for diaries, notebooks and puzzles, such as Sudoku


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