Solid Combo paint marker 441


Solid Combo paint marker 441

The paint stick tip consists of a combination of 4 color areas.

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
SWIZ € 12.80 3
MALAJE € 12.80 1
BABY € 12.80 3
MOGUL € 12.80 1
JALIO € 12.80 3

Solid Combo paint marker 441

You can buy your new favorite paint marker at Suitup Art Supplies, the webshop for all your art supplies. The independent brand Solid Combo consists of solid paint markers, perfect to use for graffiti drawing, graffiti lettering and calligraphy. The paint stick markers 441 contain a point that consists of a combination of four colors. Experiment with the different combinations of colors and on different surfaces.

Pay attention! Removing the marker pen from clothing is not possible.

  • Japanese raw material
  • Assembled in Europe
  • High quality pigment
  • Permanent
  • Can write almost anywhere
  • Dries in 5-7 minutes
  • The color combinations:
    • MOGUL – red, purple, orange and blue
    • FUNKY – red, purple, yellow and orange
    • BABY – green, yellow, white and blue
    • MALAJE – black, purple, black and purple
    • SWIZ – red, white, red and white
    • JALIO- blue, green, blue and green


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