STABILO Pen 68 brush



Stabilo Pen 68 brush

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Yellow € 1.50 9
Orange € 1.50 10
Carmin € 1.50 5
Dark Red € 1.50 6
Purple € 1.50 9
Lilac € 1.50 9
Violet € 1.50 10
Prussian Blue € 1.50 10
Ultramarine Blue € 1.50 9
Dark Blue € 1.50 10
Light Green € 1.50 9
Leaf Green € 1.50 10
Green € 1.50 9
Turquoise € 1.50 8
Dark Ochre € 1.50 8
Apricot € 1.50 7
Brown € 1.50 10
Medium Cold Grey € 1.50 9
Black € 1.50 12

Stabilo Pen 68 brush

The Pen 68 brush is extremely suitable for both beginners and advanced brush lettering artists due to the sturdy, yet flexible tip. This makes this brush felt-tip pen really unique! Available in 19 beautiful colors. The water-based ink contains a lot of pigment and is therefore ideal for watercolors. This way you can endlessly create the most beautiful effects.

With the STABILO Pen 68 brush you have perfect control of the lines up and down, so you can create the most beautiful brush letters that will impress everyone!

Due to the sturdy and flexible brush tip, the Pen 68 brush is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. This makes the marker unique!

By varying the pressure on the tip you can very easily make thin and thick lines. The Pen 68 brush is available in 19 beautiful colors. The water-based ink with a lot of pigment is also ideal for watercolors. This way you can create the most beautiful effects!

Perfect for beginners: thanks to the flexible but sturdy brush tip you have much more control, making the pen ideal for beginners!
Advanced brush lettering artists can get even more creative: making shadows, creating color gradients, watercolors and stamping, it’s all possible!
Choose from the 19 beautiful colors and combine your favorite colors to make your creations stand out
All Pen 68 brush colors can be perfectly combined with the colors of the other Pen 68 products, such as the Pen 68 metallic
Handy for in your Bullet Journal, for making cards and for all other DIY projects
Suitable for children from 9 years old
Very highly pigmented water-based ink for even more creativity: ideal for watercolor techniques, creating beautiful gradients and other cool effects
Very suitable for beginners, but also for advanced users. This makes the Pen 68 brush unique!
Tip: Use special watercolor paper for watercolors for the best result.
Blending colors makes your lettering even more special: press the points of two different colors together to create unique color combinations and color gradients
The extensive Pen 68 family offers many more creative possibilities: Pen 68 felt-tip pens, Pen 68 metallic felt-tip pens, Pen 68 brush brush-pens. Combine them all
Can last up to 24 hours without a cap without drying out
Developed by and for brush lettering fans
Real STABILO quality.


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