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QBIX Secret code pen with magic UV lamp – 9 pen set + 5 stencils

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QBIX Secret code pen with magic UV lamp – 9 pen set + 5 stencils

Pen set with invisible ink and UV light the perfect gift for children.

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QBIX Secret code pen with magic UV lamp – 9 pen set + 5 stencils

Quests, detective parties or even a simple invitation – with the QBIX invisible pens you can make everything much more creative.

Write down secrets and don’t reveal them until UV light shines on them. The QBIX cipher pens also include 5 theme templates that will support you perfectly in your project.

Versatile in use
These pens with invisible ink make every party special. Whether you use them for the invitation card, the scavenger hunt, a detective party or other party ideas – the secret pens will give everyone a moment of surprise and your guests will be delighted! For example, you can use them to create unique puzzles. There are no limits to your ideas!

Applications of the QBIX cipher pens
– Treasure hunt
– Detective parties
– Quests
– Invitation cards
– Giveaways
– Magic tricks
– Secret declarations of love

Please note that the ink from the pens will show on black paper or painted surfaces. The pens are not suitable for children under three years of age.

Features of the QBIX cipher pens
– Length pen including lamp: about 13 cm
– Pen diameter: approx. 1 cm
– Weight of the pen without lamp: 3 g.
– Weight of the lamp: 5g.
– Ink: water-based, non-toxic, washable
– Includes 3 batteries
– Includes 5 themed stencils
– Total weight of the set: 108 grams
– Dimensions of the set: 18 x 13 x 1.7 cm

9 pens are included, which are divided into three different colors: pink, blue and red. So there is something for everyone, be it adults or children, boys or girls.

Once the ink is applied, it is initially invisible. Only when you shine on it with the UV lamp does the writing become visible. This allows you to hide your secrets almost anywhere, be it on paper, unpainted wood, or on your own skin – no one will be able to read it until you shine it with the UV lamp.


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