Molotow COVERSALL™ 460PI Marker 15 mm



Molotow COVERSALL™ 460PI Marker 15 mm

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Molotow COVERSALL™ 460PI Marker 15 mm

The Molotow CoversAll ™ 460PI Marker 15mm is the shortest marker, making them ideal for your wallet. Equipped with the patented Flowmaster ™ pump valve and replaceable 15mm Wide Tip, this little powerhouse ensures a constant flow of ink. Filled with the CoversAll cocktail ink. This jet black alcohol-based ink contains synthetic bitumen and guarantees a permanent, visco-plastic paint (signal black). In addition, it is highly opaque, highly UV and weather resistant, quick drying, abrasion resistant and therefore suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor applications. Refillable with all MOLOTOW ™ inks and colors.


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