Molotow 640 PP BURNER™ Paint-Marker



Molotow 640 PP BURNER™ Paint-Marker

Burner Paint-Marker with 20mm T-style tip

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
640397 / Burner Chrome € 7.25 25
640499 / Burner Goud € 7.25 6
640500 / Burner Koper € 7.25 3
640501 / Burner Zwart € 7.25 4
640503 / Burner Blauw € 7.25 1

Molotow 640 PP BURNER™ Paint-Marker

The Molotow Burner Paint 640 PP Marker. The paint is alcohol based, flows evenly from the tip and is comparable to the paint from the Burner Bombing cans. The marker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but may not dry completely smudge and waterproof. Reason: to get the “metallic” effect, the metal particles must be “on” the color; contact with water and / or hard wiping can then cause the color to run. Testing before use is recommended. This marker is of course refillable and the tip is interchangeable.


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