Dragonhawk Rotary – Professionele Tattoo Machine set



Dragonhawk Rotary – Professionele Tattoo Machine set

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Dragonhawk Rotary – Professionele Tattoo Machine set

Dragonhawk Rotary tattoo set – Professional tattoo pen set for both permanent tattoos and make-up.

The Dragonhawk Rotary tattoo set is a professional tattoo pen set that can be used for tattoos and permanent make-up.


Low noise level for less distraction
Made of aluminum for medical quality and hygiene
Replaceable cartridge needles for quick and easy operation
Can be used without a pedal for more concentration.
Minimizes front vibrations for greater control and precision.

The Dragonhawk rotary machine has a very low noise level, long-term stability and is a lightweight at 135 g (0.30 lbs). DC connection for rotary cartridge cartridges with a fast rebound. These needles consist of one piece and this ensures maximum stability and control. The opening at the tip improves the ink flow and the membrane mechanism ensures that the ink does not flow back. The housing is medical grade aluminum and compatible with all modern rotary cartridge needles and cartridge grips. This machine has a powerful motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable, quiet operation without vibrations. Finally, the machine can also be operated without a pedal, which provides more focus. This allows you to concentrate 100% on your tattoo project. Order your tattoo kit today, and get your own tattoo from home or studio tomorrow.

This set includes

1x Rotary aluminum tattoo machine

1x Mini LCD power supply (can also be used without pedal)

1x Tattoo pedal

1x Contact cord (from tattoo pen to power point)

1x European plug (Suitable for Dutch sockets)

2x Cartridge Needles (1 liner + 1 shader)

Below an instructional video for preparing the Dragonhawk rotery tattoo kit

When in use: Press and hold the power supply button.


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