MTN Water Based 100 Workshop 16-Pack



MTN Water Based 100 Workshop 16-Pack

Spray Can package with 16 different colors 100ml water based aerosols

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MTN Water Based 100 Workshop 16-Pack

Pack size: 16 x 100 ml
Cap included: Pocket Cap

Spray paint formulated with the highest quality water soluble, low odor resins. Highly recommended for visual art, graffiti art and many other professional projects. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor work. When the paint is dry, it is waterproof.

Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene. Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water for the first 20 – 25 minutes.

1x Cadmium Yellow Medium
1x Azo Orange
1x Naphthol Red
1x Quinacridone Rose
1x Quinacridone Magenta
1x Blue Violet
1x Phthalo Blue Light
1x Prussian Blue
1x Turquoise Green
1x Brilliant Light Green
1x Brilliant Green
1x Naples Yellow
1x Raw Sienna
1x Neutral Gray
1x Titanium White
1x Carbon Black


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