MTN PRO Wash Primer Spray



MTN PRO Wash Primer Spray

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MTN PRO Wash Primer Spray

MTN PRO Wash Primer is a gray anchoring primer with excellent adhesion to galvanized, electro-galvanised steel or aluminum and other types of polished metals.

Specially designed as a pre-coat for the subsequent painting of garage doors, shutters, aluminum frames and copper pipes.

It can be used as a primer for nylon 6 plastic surfaces, carbon fiber, epoxy, polyester, acrylic, PVC, PC and ABS.

Thanks to its properties, the product also offers good anchoring properties on surfaces that have already been painted with polyester paint (aluminium frames) or 2K epoxy after sanding.

-Quick drying
-Easy to apply and repaint
-Good adherence
-Does not contain lead


  • Shake the spray bottle well before use for about one minute.
  • Apply only to clean and dry surfaces. If necessary, remove rust with a wire brush. Due to the multitude of substrates and methods of application, it is recommended to do a test on the material before applying.
  • Apply in thin, even coats to obtain the best results. A second coat can be applied after 20 minutes. Overpaintable with other products after 2 hours.
  • Never apply to equipment that is connected and use in well-ventilated areas.

MTN PRO Wash Primer Spray – Safety Data Sheet
MTN PRO Wash Primer Spray – Technical Data Sheet

Observe the following warnings when using this product.



  • Highly flammable.
  • Harmful to health in the long term
  • irritant or harmful
  • do not store below freezing point or above 50°C
  • do not pierce

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