Sakura Pigma Pen Set – 3 pieces



Sakura Pigma Pen Set – 3 pieces

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Sakura Pigma Pen Set – 3 pieces

The Sakura Pigma Calligrapher pen set is specially designed for calligraphers and lettering artists of all skill levels. Unlike most calligraphy pens whose tips wear out with use, resulting in inconsistent and increasingly heavy markings, the Pigma Calligrapher maintains its ability to create consistently crisp and smooth lines and letterforms.

Invented by Sakura more than 30 years ago, Pigma ink is still the most reliable permanent ink on the market. A water-based formula of pigment inks, it is more complex than dye-based inks, chemically stable, water-resistant and fade-resistant.

The Calligrapher Pen eliminates cost barriers and equipment requirements for beginners learning calligraphy, and provides a quick and easy alternative to traditional calligraphy pens for professionals.

This set of 3 contains 2x Pen 05 (0.3mm) & 1x Pen 10 (0.7mm)


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