Pilot FriXion Fineliner – Colouring Giftbox



Pilot FriXion Fineliner – Colouring Giftbox

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Pilot FriXion Fineliner – Colouring Giftbox

Do you need a little peace in your life or are you looking for a digital detox? Try coloring, because this is a special way of meditating and finding your creativity. This set has 15 different mandala patterns and 5 new Frixion Fineliner with felt tip pen. The smooth washable ink is ideal for taking notes, illustrations, drawings or sketches.

This FriXion Fineliner is ideal for hand lettering, because a mistake that could irritate you, erase it, and you can write over it right away. The FriXion Fineliner is available in 12 beautiful colors, so ideal not only for professionals but all (beginning) creatives. All FriXion pens have erasable thermo-sensitive ink. A mistake is gone in no time.

– Coloring Giftbox
– Block with 15 different Mandela Patterns
– 5 FriXion Fineliner: Black, Purple, Light Blue, Pink and Lime
– Erasable ink
– Point size: 1.3mm
– Writing width: 0.43mm
– Not refillable
– Ideal for writing, sketching and drawing.
– Tip size: 1.30 mm
– Writing width: 0.45 mm


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