Pilot FriXion Colors – Erasable felt-tip pens



Pilot FriXion Colors – Erasable felt-tip pens

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Black € 1.90 9
Brown € 1.90 3
Violet € 1.90 4
Blue € 1.90 12
Light Blue € 1.90 1
Green € 1.90 3
Light Green € 1.90 13
Yellow € 1.90 11
Orange € 1.90 12
Red € 1.90 12
Pink € 1.90 12
Baby Pink € 1.90 11

Pilot FriXion Colors – Erasable felt-tip pens

With FriXion Colors you can give free rein to your creativity to draw and color. If you don’t like the direction it’s going, just erase your mistakes with the included eraser button and start over.

The unique ink reacts to heat generated by rubbing the eraser and clears so you can recolor (or leave blank if you’ve cleaned where you’ve strayed across the lines).

Perfect for all ages and with a number of practical everyday uses, FriXion Colors is much more than just a felt-tip pen.

In addition to drawing and coloring, FriXion Colors are also perfect for marking notes or reference points in textbooks and a great solution for temporarily marking on fabrics.

– Available in 12 colors
– Erasable felt-tip pens
– Coloring and erasing without paper damage.
– The special ink reacts to heat, friction with the rubber end of the pen makes the ink invisible.
– Writing width 0.4mm – ball width 0.7mm.


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