Pilot FriXion Ball 1.0mm Wide Erasable Pen



Pilot FriXion Ball 1.0mm Wide Erasable Pen

1.0mm erasable ballpoint pen.
Available in 4 different colors!

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Black € 2.30 11
Blue € 2.30 8
Green € 2.30 15

Pilot FriXion Ball 1.0mm Wide Erasable Pen

The Frixion Ball is the erasable pen. Without eraser, without eraser, without damage to the paper, text can be easily removed. It is possible because the ink of the Frixion ball reacts to heat. Friction with the plastic end of the ink roller creates heat, making the ink invisible. Rewrite the text and you’re done. Cold (-15 degrees) has the opposite effect. Place the erased text in the freezer compartment and after a short time the text will be visible again. The pen writes wonderfully and releases its ink excellently.

– Plastic with loose cap
– Erasable ink
– Writing width 0.6 mm
– Ball width 1.0 mm
– Frixionball refills


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