Bambook Do-Book A5



Bambook Do-Book A5

Cover: Hard bamboo with the logo lasered in. Back cover is provided with elastic to keep the notebook closed. Format A5: 210 x 148mm.

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Bambook Do-Book A5

The Bambook Do-Book is the erasable notebook for productivity! The Bambook Do-book was created to help you keep track of all your tasks and responsibilities. The Bambook Do-Book is the A5 hardcover variant aimed at productivity. The content is a combination of erasable: Monthly Planners, Weekly Planners, Week Focus, To-do lists and standard blank / line notes sheets. A total of 20 sheets (40 pages). In other words, everything to help you work productively.

Bambook is the erasable whiteboard notebook. The Do-Book is the A5 hardcover variant aimed at productivity. A combination of (erasable) monthly planner, weekly planner and day planners.
You also have to-do list sheets and standard notes sheets.

The Bambook Do-Book whiteboard interior has been carefully composed for maximum efficiency. Check the composition below:

P1: Blank
P2-P5: Monthly planner
P6-P9: Weekly planner
P10: Focus
P11-P14 To-Do list
P15-P40: Combi (left page blank, right page lined)

The Bambook Notebook
The Bambook Notebook is a notebook with erasable pages. Ideal for practicing sketches, notes and temporary to-do lists.

The Bambook Marker
You get the indispensable Bambook marker for free with your Bambook. The marker is from the Staedtler brand and has black ink and a writing thickness of 0.6mm. At the back is a felt eraser for small adjustments in your Bambook.

The Bambook App
You can easily digitize all notes you want to share or save with the free Bambook App.


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