Bruynzeel complete drawing set of 70 pieces in a tin



Bruynzeel complete drawing set of 70 pieces in a tin

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Bruynzeel complete drawing set of 70 pieces in a tin

Buy Bruynzeel pencils at Suitup Art Supplies. This set contains everything you need for endless drawing and coloring fun! The set contains 32 colored pencils, 18 watercolor pencils, 12 metallic colored pencils and 4 graphite drawing pencils. In addition, there is also 1 brush in the set, ideal for use with the watercolor pencils, 2 sharpeners (1 for colored pencils and 1 for graphite pencils) and an eraser. The set comes in a handy metal tin, perfect for safely storing the pencils and accessories.

The Bruynzeel colored pencils are of good quality and come in a handy storage tin. Drawing with the colored pencils is fantastic. The set contains 32 bright, opaque colors that are very easy to work with. Effortlessly apply multiple layers of color on top of each other. You only need a little pressure, because the colors appear very bright on paper. The metallic colored pencils give a beautiful metallic effect, the set contains 12 colors. Sharpen the colored pencils with the supplied colored pencil sharpener. The set contains 18 watercolor pencils that are completely soluble in water. The pencils give a good color release and can be used both dry and wet. The watercolor pencils on their own or in combination with the supplied brush.

The set contains 4 graphite pencils: 1x 2H, 2x HB and 1x 2B. The 2H graphite pencil is hard, very suitable for making perspective lines or precise technical drawings. HB pencils are the most common pencils for writing and drawing, so they are very versatile. The 2B pencil is soft and dark, great for texture, tone, shadow or clear lines.

The kit contains:
32 colored pencils
18 watercolor pencils
12 metallic colored pencils
4 graphite drawing pencils
1 brush
1 pencil sharpener for colored pencils
1 sharpener for graphite pencils
1 eraser


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