TINYPINK stencil cap



TINYPINK stencil cap

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TINYPINK stencil cap

Rather than having no place other than to let the can drip down, as with most DIY stencil caps, the TINYPINK ensures that only the paint you want on the wall gets there. The surplus is recorded in a 45 ml. reservoir. Keep an eye on it, it tends to overflow if you forget it.

The whole thing clicks on the protruding edge just below the “donut”. By not sliding the TINYPINK up or down, the polygon design creates hard edges, allowing your fingers to hang slightly for a firm grip. Particular attention has been paid to making both right and left handed users suitable.

While the grip is able to hold the TINYPINK in place while you are using it, it is not too tight. It is easy to detach so you can put it on another can so you can switch between colors quickly and easily. They are made of high-quality plastic, which means they last a long time with proper maintenance. (Clean the hole every now and then.)

It is resistant to solvents. The old-school way of cleaning hoods can be applied to these too! After use, dispose of them in a pail of solvent. Take good care of your TINYPINK and it can take a long time.


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