3M 8310 Dust mask FFP1



3M 8310 Dust mask FFP1

Disposable mask works against fine dust.

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3M 8310 Dust mask FFP1

The 3M 8310 Dust Mask FFP1 has the following specs:

  • Cup-shaped model
  • Braided headbands
  • M-nose clip, the nose clip is quick and easy to mold around the nose for greater wearing comfort
  • Extra durable outer shell construction
  • The 3M Advanced Electret Filter Material allows wearers to breathe easily through the mask for comfortable protection
  • The super soft cushion lining provides a pleasant feeling
  • Thanks to the flexible, textured rim, it fits comfortably and securely
  • D Color: White
  • Can be used against dust particles up to 4x the limit value

Tip: As soon as you can smell strongly through the mask, it needs to be replaced.


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