Essdee Lino 3 in 1 Cutter & Stempel Carving kit

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Essdee Lino 3 in 1 Cutter & Stempel Carving kit

Contains 5 gouge blades and 2 stamps.

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Essdee Lino 3 in 1 Cutter & Stempel Carving kit

Cut your own MasterCut printing stamps using lino cutting tools and techniques for unique results. Place one of the stamps in the disc holder and use the lino cutter to cut your design. Once you’re done, set the stamp tool and apply the adhesive stamp to the base. Ink can be applied with a roller or using a traditional ink pad. The base of the stamp tool also serves as a storage unit for the stamps to safely store them after use.


Lino Hanvat
Stamp base and cap
Lino Cutter No.1
Lino Cutter No.2
Lino Cutter No.3
Lino Cutter No.4
Lino Cutter No.5
2x MasterCut Printing Stamps

Lino cutting
Linoleum cutting is a printing technique where you cut parts out of the linoleum, which should remain white when printed on paper. The cutting is done with a gouge knife. The parts that you want to be visible should be left whole, because this is where the ink (or paint) will be applied and this will be printed on the paper. It looks like a big stamp. When you are done with your lino art you can apply block ink or acrylic paint on the plate with a lino roller. Place a piece of paper on the plate and rub/roll the surface smooth with your hands or a roller. Gently pull the paper off from 1 corner. You can reuse the plate as many times as you like.

Caution! The image on the linoleum is printed in mirror image. So pay extra attention to this when making letters and numbers.


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