Pentel Oil pastels set of 16 colors



Pentel Oil pastels set of 16 colors

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Pentel Oil pastels set of 16 colors

You can easily buy pastels online at Suitup Art Supplies. Pentel’s oil pastels are of very high quality. They are easy to apply and blend effortlessly, creating subtle shadows, tones and colours. Use them on almost all types of paper (including pastel paper, water color paper, cartridge, craft etc.), but also on canvas, oil and acrylic surfaces. The pastels can be mixed with paint thinners and used in combination with watercolor, oil paint and soft pastels. Making a pastel drawing is easy to do for beginners, hobbyists and professionals. The set consists of 16 bright colors.

Suggestion: Apply the pastels directly to canvas, paper or other materials for a thick, thin, rough or smooth effect. Sweep the final result with a wet brush and create color shadows.

  • Oil brush set of 16 bright colors
  • Pastel chalk for beginners, hobbyists and professionals
  • Can be used on all types of paper, canvas, oil and acrylic surfaces
  • Can be used on its own with paint thinners, watercolors, oil paints and soft pastels


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