Urban Media Graffiti School English Edition Book


Urban Media Graffiti School English Edition Book

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Urban Media Graffiti School English Edition Book

Although The Graffiti School In A Student Guide book raises the question of whether you can “learn” graffiti in the first place, remember that there is much more than that. If there is graffiti as a subject (and from the first attempts in e.g. Berlin there were already positive reports), this would be the perfect textbook:

The ‘Graffiti textbook’ offers over 170 pages of a comprehensive mix of theory and practice. How did graffiti originate, what does it mean for the sprayers and how does society deal with this ‘illegal art’? The practical section covers basic topics related to spraying, such as spraying. Tagging, contouring, different backgrounds, different styles, shades, effects and even how to handle a spray can.

Longtime sprayers will be surprised at how well the subject of graffiti can be worked up in theory. The book also provides a solid foundation for educators, teachers or teens to “learn” graffiti all over again. Of course, a little bit of sensitivity and talent can be part of it. But those who use this book, for example Doing youth work or sprucing up art classes will be successful and will be of great interest to the kids!

But also as a private reading Graffiti School – A Student’s Guide is recommended. Whether you have always wanted to paint a sketch or are already a professional and want to share your knowledge and need a good stencil – the author Christoph Ganter (Jeroo), a German teacher and graffiti writer, gives up his in-depth knowledge. The book also includes a didactic section with tips on how to sign graffiti. So: on pens and cans!


1: Background
2: Theory
3: Graffiti designs
4: Spraying Graffiti
5: Teacher’s guide

Softcover, 176 pages, with over 300 illustrations, text: English.


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