I AM 1UP – Collectors Edition


I AM 1UP – Collectors Edition

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I AM 1UP – Collectors Edition

This book first appeared on the market in 2014, published and sold by 1UP Crew itself. Due to its great success, the book was published the following year by The Public and thus. Both editions are sold out and are traded for large amounts.

Due to the great demand for the collector’s item, a special reprint has been released. Publikat Publishing has released this special I AM 1UP – Collectors Edition. The cover features a gold logo and each copy contains a small artist print measuring 21 x 15 cm. This print is high quality printed on 300 grams paper and signed by the 1UP CREW!

There are 5 different variants of the print in circulation. You can only discover which print you have by purchasing the book and opening it yourself. The legendary Crew is incredibly popular and they can still be found on rooftops, train yards and subway depots. In addition, their many actions impress and they are also starting to gain attention in the art world.

This I AM 1UP – Collectors Edition is a book that should not be missing in your collection. You will also receive a signed print.

140 pages
30 x 21 cm
Publication: 2021
Published by Publicat
Including signed print


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