MTN Water Based Marker 3mm set – 8 pieces



MTN Water Based Marker 3mm set – 8 pieces

Set of 8 pieces 3mm water based paint markers

Available, shipped the same day

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MTN Water Based Marker 3mm set – 8 pieces

You can buy paint at Suitup Art Supplies, the online paint store with a wide range of paint supplies. Order the paint online before 5 pm and we will ship the same day.

What makes the MTN paint markers unique is the refined formula of water-based paint. For a glazed effect, you can mix the paint with water. You can mix the paint markers together for the desired shade. If the paint is still wet, removing paint from brushes is fine with water.

Be careful with removing the paint from clothing, this is difficult. Wear an apron or old clothes that can get dirty.

• Tip: 3 mm . round felt
• Colors in the set: 8
• Acrylic matte paint
• Deep colors and good coverage
• Quick drying
• Attaches to div. surfaces within 24 hours
• Refillable
• Replaceable Tips

With the MTN Water Based Refills you can refill the markers. In addition, the tip is also replaceable. Apply the markers to wood, paper, cardboard, glass, metal and textile or any other type of surface or surface. Work easily with the markers without spilling, because of the controlled paint flow.

Before use mix the paint by shaking the markers well.


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