Molotow ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin 12x Basic-Set-1



Molotow ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin 12x Basic-Set-1

Set of 12 piece twin tip acrylic markers

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Molotow ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin 12x Basic-Set-1

The Molotow ONE4ALL ™ Acrylic Twin Marker has a wide and fine tip and thus combines the properties of a regular acrylic marker with the advantages of a fine liner.

Highly opaque and UV resistant on almost all surfaces, the durable ONE4ALL acrylic marking system is built to be refilled and is always reliable in all its functions. Low wear and many possible applications add value to these markers. Whether it’s a surfboard, canvas, fridge, graffiti or sneakers: nothing is impossible. The ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin is available in 48 color shades. In addition, you can mix your individual shades by using the accompanying Empty Twin Pump Marker and the 50 ONE4ALL refills. Effect colors make colors exciting.

In addition to high-quality applications and works of art (mixed media), the ONE4ALL acrylic color system is ideal for designing decorative objects on almost all surfaces. Quality limitations and loss of color characteristics may occur when using unclean or improperly prepared surfaces. In general, it is advisable to check the color on the chosen surface in a discreet place beforehand.

Keep in mind that absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces are naturally more unsuitable for paintings than smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.

– 1.5 mm and 4 mm point
– very opaque acrylic paint
– refillable

This set contains the following colors
006 zinc yellow, 085 DARE orange, 013 traffic red, 230 shock blue, 204 true blue, 042 berry, 232 magenta, 236 poison green, 222 cocoa 77 universes green, 237 gray blue light, 160 signal white, 180 signal black


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