Molotow ONE4ALL™ 15mm 627HS Marker Pastel-Set



Molotow ONE4ALL™ 15mm 627HS Marker Pastel-Set

Set of 6 piece 15mm acrylic markers

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Molotow ONE4ALL™ 15mm 627HS Marker Pastel-Set

This Molotow ONE4ALL ™ 15mm 627HS Marker Pastel-Set contains 6 markers in various pastel colors and they are ideal for any surface.

Nib Size: 15mm Felt Nib, replaceable

System: Pump action, Flowmaster valve for active paint flow control and patented capillary technology.

Contents: One4all paint. The very highly pigmented acrylic based hybrid paint is easy to mix with other One4All colors (individual shades), it can be diluted with water (translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanent adhesion to greasy surfaces). It works on almost any surface, is silk matt, dries quickly, has incredible coverage and is absolutely 100% UV resistant.

Can be used for fine arts, hobby, industry and craft for indoor and outdoor application. Perfect on hard materials (leather, metal, glass, stone, plastic, modeling clay, etc.) such as cell phones, computers, shoes, modeling, etc. Also great on absorbent surfaces (paper, cardboard, terracotta, wood, etc.) such as canvas , caps, pottery, etc. Wide color range due to the possibility of mixing the colors. Pastel colors are made by adding white.


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