Grog Metal Head Marker



Grog Metal Head Marker

The Grog Metal Head Marker has a galvanized 4 mm steel tip.

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
TI700306 / Death Black € 6.95 3
TI700308 / Foundry Orange € 6.95 1
TI700311 / Goldrake Purple € 6.95 1
TI700302 / Diving Blue € 6.95 3
TI700310 / Iceberg Blue € 6.95 2
TI700304 / Obitory Green € 6.95 3
TI700305 / Slimer Green € 6.95 2

Grog Metal Head Marker

The Grog Metal Head Marker is a new, innovative product in the marker sector and has a galvanized 4mm steel tip, comparable to the tip of a ballpoint pen and can therefore be used on almost all surfaces.

A very good result brings the Grog Metal Head on rusty metal. The flexible plastic reservoir promotes the dosing of the paint flow as we know it from the Grog Squeezer Markers. The marker is easy to fill with the well-known Grog Refills and has an Anti-Drip ring so that it can be used without spilling.


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