Grog Cutter 30 XFP Marker

£ 5.47


Grog Cutter 30 XFP Marker

30 mm marker, available in 7 colours.

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Bogotà White £ 5.47 3
Death Black £ 5.47 1
Grog Red £ 5.47 2
Burning Chrome £ 5.47 3
Jellyfish Fuchsia £ 5.47 1

Grog Cutter 30 XFP Marker

This makes every day in town the best day: the Grog Cutter 30 XFP Marker is not only equipped with a 30 mm Quick-flow Chisel Tip, but also with the new Xtra Flow Paint; a highly pigmented and opaque alcohol-based paint.

The best thing about this marker: the paint is refillable! This not only saves money and waste, but also opens up new possibilities for mixing colours.

The tip is replaceable. This makes tagging even more fun!

Available in 7 different colours.


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