Spirit Tattoo Transferpaper – 20 sheets A4 Carbon Paper



Spirit Tattoo Transferpaper – 20 sheets A4 Carbon Paper

20 sheets A4 size carbon tracing paper

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Spirit Tattoo Transferpaper – 20 sheets A4 Carbon Paper

4 ply transfer paper:
This thermal stencil transfer paper is 4 ply: Layer 1 white base sheet to which the design is applied; Layer 2 semi-transparent protective sheet that must be removed before use; Layer 3 marine carbon page; Layer 4 yellow back skin.

High-quality material:
Tattoo transfer paper is made with the same high quality dyes and tattoo stencil paper, made of special material that can protect the hands or clothes. Non-fade and reusable. Produces bright, clean copies with a dark color.

Transfer paper set including 10 sheets of stencil paper for tattooing. Professional transfer paper for tattoo or stencil use. With good transferring effect. Suit for copy carbon tracing artist, tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts and so on.

Transfer paper allows you to copy or stencil images from the original source to the transfer paper and finally to the skin. Use the template paper with a thermal copier. or simply walk over an originla design with a manual stencil ballpoint pen.

Tattoo transfer paper
Number of layers: 4-layer
Quantity: 20 pieces per set
Format: A4 / 297 mm x 210 mm


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