Glow in the dark granules – Green Luminous Sand – Per 25gr



Glow in the dark granules – Green Luminous Sand – Per 25gr

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Glow in the dark granules – Green Luminous Sand – Per 25gr

These glow in the dark granules are suitable for various hobby and DIY applications. Think of
a wishing pot for your children, to brighten up craft projects, in children’s rooms, cards, etc.

These are top-of-the-line glow in the dark, fluorescent pigment particles.

This luminous sand is green in colour and comes in a 25 gram bag.

– These grains will last for 10 years (or longer).
– With an extremely glowing effect, this sand can be used in both outdoor and indoor decoration.
– The chemical compound is non-toxic and non-radioactive. After it has been fully charged in the sun for about 1-2 hours, you can enjoy the effect (of course in a dark environment).
– It is also used industrially, for example for safety “EXIT” signs, as found in many shops today. The powders are made of various rare earth doped compounds, such as strontium aluminate, calcium aluminate and zinc sulphide, they are all guaranteed to be of high quality.

Q: Is this powder rechargeable?
A: Yes, this powder is rechargeable with any light source (e.g. sunlight) and will then glow for 2-24 hours depending on the colour of the sand and recharge time. Once they stop glowing, they can always be recharged. These powders will remain of the same “glow quality” for 15 years.

Q: Can I use this to make paint?
A: Yes, you can! Unfortunately it is a little difficult, because this powder is quite heavy, like sand, so you either have to stir the paint before each use, or use thickeners. We ourselves tested it with acrylic paint, which worked well. We had the best results on white backgrounds.

Q: How fine is the powder?
A: It is very fine, (15-45 um, 300+ mesh) probably finer than sugar, but not as fine as flour. The grains are 1 to 5 mm in diameter.

Q: What colour is the powder in daylight?
A: See the fourth photo. Most are light-browned white or pale versions of their shiny colour.

Q: Is the powder safe?
A: Yes, the chemical compound is completely non-toxic and of course non-radioactive.


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