Faber-Castell Repaper Graphic Tablet Limited Edition



Faber-Castell Repaper Graphic Tablet Limited Edition

Includes a Repaper stylus, a Faber-Castell 9000 2B pencil, A5 sketchbook and more.

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Faber-Castell Repaper Graphic Tablet Limited Edition

The iskn Repaper Tablet Faber-Castell Limited Edition is the perfect drawing tablet for everyone! This is because this special graphics tablet allows you to digitize your drawings in real time. Enjoy the simplicity of pencil and paper, with the power of the digital graphic world. The Repaper tablet offers the advantages of classic drawing materials with the advantages of a digital device. In addition to the drawing tablet, the package contains a Repaper stylus, a Faber-Castell 9000 2B pencil, Repaper clips, Repaper Ring, an A5 sketchbook, the manual and a Micro USB cable.

The Repaper tablet can be used with any pencil and paper, with or without a screen. Slide the included Repaper Ring onto your favorite pencil, clip any kind of paper to the tablet and start drawing. Your sketches are instantly displayed on the screen of your tablet, smartphone or computer. The tablet is pressure-sensitive, so your drawings look exactly the same digitally, as they do on paper.

Finish your digital drawing by coloring it with the Repaper stylus and your favorite software. The Repaper Studio app is specially designed for the Repaper tablet and brings your creations to life. The app allows you to work in layers, with different brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, airbrush etching.), image import and export to JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4.

Compatible with:

Desktop: Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra or newer and PC Windows 10
Tablet: iOS 11 minimum – Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Smartphone: iOS 11 minimum – Android 7.0 minimum – Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

Technical Specifications:

Pressure sensitive (8192 levels)
Angle detection (20°)
Wired and wireless connection possible (BLE 5.0)
Battery life up to 6 hours
4MB internal storage (SD card port 32GB)
Micro USB port
198 x 278 x 9mm
462 grams

Box Contents:

Repaper graphics tablet
Repaper stylus
Faber-Castell 9000 2B pencil
Repaper clips
Repaper Ring
A5 sketchbook
Micro USB cable


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