Thermal printer for tattoo stencils



Thermal printer for tattoo stencils

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Thermal printer for tattoo transfer paper

From now on, you’ll never have to trace your tattoo designs by hand again. With this thermal printer, you can copy and print all your tattoo designs effortlessly. You’ll save a lot of time and energy for the job that’s fun: tattooing. This thermal copier is made especially for the tattoo artist. The printer is simple, reliable and therefore easy to use. With 6 buttons, the printer is fully operable. With key 1 you can stop the programme. Button 2 starts the printer and with the other 4 buttons you can change the print settings.

Tip: Let the printer cool down for a few minutes after each print and wipe the roller regularly with a fibre cloth to avoid ink residues and stains on your motif.


Scan width: 210 mm
Scan resolution: Horizontal: 8 dots/mm; Vertical: 7.7 lines/mm
Paper size:A5/ A4
Weight: 1170g
Working temperature: 5C~35C
Size: 290mm x 180mm x 80mm
Plug: EU
Power: AC 110-220V 50Hz/0.46A

Paper thickness: 0.66mm~0.15mm


1 x High Precision Professional Transfer Machine Black
1 x English manual
1 x Power cord
10 transfer motifs (free gift)


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