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Transotype DIY stencil set A3

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Transotype DIY stencil set A3

1 hobby knife – 5 plastic A3 sheets – 1 transparent A3 cutting mat – 1 30cm ruler

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Transotype DIY stencil set A3

With this DIY stencil art set you have everything you need to cut your own stencils.

This set contains 5 transparent A3 size plastic sheets with a thickness of 0.2mm, ideal for cutting with the included Transotype hobby knife. The hobby knife contains 5 replaceable blades, for when one becomes blunt.

An A3 Transotype cutting mat is also supplied. Just like the mylar plastic sheets, this cutting mat is transparent, so you can place an illustration underneath it that you can trace with the knife (cut out).

Hobby knife from Transotype. Comes with 5 replacement blades.

Finally, this package also contains a high quality 30cm ruler from Transotype. This ruler is useful for cutting straight lines.


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