Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Markers

Are you looking to buy a new Sharpie marker?

Suitup has the best selection of Sharpie markers. Find your favourite colour and style in our range! Our prices are also unbeatable, so you’ll always get the best deal on our products.

Sharpie permanent markers are a worldwide favourite and the best option for home, school and work. The Sharpie fine point is ideal for drawing, colouring in and writing because of its thin tip. Also available in metallic colours. The Sharpie retractable contains the same fine point, but retractable. A pen that is very nice to take with you, because of its compact size, is the Sharpie mini.

For the smallest details, the Sharpie ultra fine point is the perfect pen! Ideal for linework drawings. The Sharpie twin tip marker combines the two points on one marker, a fine tip and an ultra fine tip. So you can easily change line widths. For colouring large surfaces, the Sharpie Chisel is perfect. The marker has a thick, slanted tip and is therefore also suitable for calligraphy.

Sharpie highlighters are very handy for marking notes and annotations. Available with a thick tip and a thin tip, in bright fluorescent colours.