Silhouette printable glow in the dark sticker paper



Silhouette printable glow in the dark sticker paper

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Silhouette printable glow in the dark sticker paper

With the glow in the dark sticker paper from Silhouette you can print texts and designs to decorate anything you want! For example, decorate your phone case or print stars to hang on the ceiling. Print designs on the sticker paper with a normal printer and use a Silhouette cutter to cut the image. You can of course also make a drawing on the paper yourself and cut out the design by hand. The pack contains 2 sheets of sticker paper.

1. Create a new file with ”show registration marks” checked in the registration marks options panel.
2. Place your ”print & cut” image on your screen in the Silhouette Studio software.
3. Once you have your image sized and placed on the screen to your liking, print your jib to your regular home printer. Be sure to feed the paper into the printer so that it will print on the correct side.
4. Place your printed sticker paper on the cutting mat and feed it into your Silhouette electronic cutting tool.
5. In the media settings, select ”Glow in the dark sticker paper” and adjust the blade as indicated.
6. Click ”Cut” and the Silhouette optic scanner will read the registration marks and start cutting.
7. When the Silhouette is finished, remove the sticker paper and gently peel out the shape.

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