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Uni-Ball PWE-5MS Chalk marker set – 3 + 1 Free

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Uni-Ball PWE-5MS Chalk marker set – 3 + 1 Free

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Uni-Ball PWE-5MS Chalk marker set – 3 + 1 Free

Colors: 2x white, gold and silver

New Uni chalk marker (known from the colorful Uni Posca series) with round tip. Suitable for use on glass, metal and non-porous surfaces. Water resistant, does not rain. Can be easily and cleanly removed with a wet cloth by friction. Ideal for temporarily applying texts during Christmas, Sinterklaas or other celebrations and parties.

Product Features:

  • Type of marker: Water-resistant chalk marker (Fine size)
  • Writing width: Fine (Writing thickness 1,8 mm – 2,5 mm)

Uni Chalk Markers are paint markers with (a kind of) lime, which can be applied to different surfaces. The Uni Chalk Markers are provided with a ball, by shaking the paint in the paint marker becomes liquid. If you press the tip of the Uni Chalk Marker, the paint stick will fill up and you can easily draw lines. The Uni Chalk Pen is perfect for writing or drawing on windows and blackboards, or for making beautiful Christmas decorations. The beauty of the marker is that it does not dust like a crayon and adheres well to the surface. Unlike Posca’s Acrylic Marker, the Uni Chalk Marker is easy to remove with water and a sponge. However, a rain shower will not just wash the paint off the window.


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