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QBIX Brush Pen Set – 24 colors incl. 2 Blank Pens & Watercolor Paper

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QBIX Brush Pen Set – 24 colors incl. 2 Blank Pens & Watercolor Paper

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QBIX Brush Pen Set – 24 colors incl. 2 Blank Pens & Watercolor Paper

You can buy watercolor paint at Suitup Art Supplies, the webshop for all your watercolor supplies. This watercolor set contains all the colors you need and more. With 24 richly pigmented watercolors, you can create any shade or watercolor effect you want. Use the 2 supplied empty watercolor markers (1 large and 1 small) to mix the colors or to create light and dark areas. In addition, this set contains 16 sheets of watercolor paper, ideal for practicing your watercolor techniques. Create a beautiful watercolor painting or drawing. Watercolor painting is now much easier, the possibilities are endless!

Why brush pens?
With traditional watercolor paints or watercolor pencils, it can be a lot of work to get your paint out and put your watercolor brushes and water on, especially if you don’t have a dedicated studio space. Instead, just open the case of your brush pens and get started painting, lettering or coloring all your projects. All done? Click the lids in place and close the case, super easy! With the brush pens you can easily paint beautiful watercolor flowers or watercolor landscapes.

Easily packaged
These pens are packed in a handy compact travel case where your brush pens fit perfectly and are ready to travel. Easily store the watercolor in a drawer, on a shelf or bag. The pouch also includes a handy hanging lip!

Like watercolor paint, only better – With 24 vibrant colored pens you have just the right number of brush pens and the right color for every occasion. Use one of the two blending brushes to dilute the vibrant colors with water to create a gradient from dark to light. Colors are easy to mix to create as many shades as you want. Easily create a sfumato effect. This QBIX water color brush set is an indispensable addition to your painting supplies.
2 Empty blender pens and watercolor paper A large and a small blending brush for extra precision are included in this brushpen set. Use the blending brushes to dilute the paint colors in this set or take it a step further and use them to smooth out the colors of watercolor pencils or colored pencils. They can also be used in place of your watercolor brushes for your current watercolor paint. In addition to the pens, this set contains 16 sheets of watercolor paper (2x 8-sheet watercolor block), ideal for practicing!
Top quality real nylon brush tips Having a real nylon brush tip feels much better than paint pens and gives the same professional result as high quality watercolor brushes. Whether you prefer handwriting, painting landscapes or learning calligraphy, these brush pens are a must for your art pen collection. The soft, smooth nib makes these pens perfect for painting or intricate calligraphy.
Hard cover case These watercolor pens come in a hard case, so you can carry them safely in your bag with your watercolor paper.
100% Non-toxic, water-based Each brush pen in this set is made from non-toxic materials that are harmless to the skin and easily washable, meaning 100% worry-free fun and kid-friendly. The pens make watercolor painting incredibly easy for beginners and advanced users. The set offers painting fun for the whole family!

How do you use a brush pen?
It is recommended that you hold the pen close to the tip for extra control and keep your hand at a 45 degree angle. When making movements, use your entire arm and not just your wrist, this is much smoother. Take a look at what works best for you and how you prefer to hold the pen yourself. If you want to write Calligraphy letters, it is useful to know how much pressure you have to apply. When you write a line up, you get the best effect if you apply a little less pressure. If you pull a line down, you better apply more pressure. This is how you get a nice variation in the thickness of the lines. Please note, it is never necessary to press very hard on the tip, this will wear out the pen quickly. For inspiration it is always useful to look up different fonts on the internet and draw them. It is also useful to first practice with separate letters and then connect letters. Practice makes perfect! Pay attention! don’t forget to clean your brushes when you’re done (wash, dry, pack, throw away the dirty water …).


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