Molotow One4All 30ml Refill 2mm Marker Set

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Molotow One4All 30ml Refill 2mm Marker Set

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Molotow One4All 30ml Refill 2mm Marker Set

This ink and marker mix set contains 5x Molotow One4All 30ml refill ink with the primary colors and 6 Empty Molotow 2mm markers.

The Molotow One4All Refill 30ml is a high-quality acrylic paint with a great versatility in applications: as a filler for markers, to be used with brushes, Airbrush, sponges & amp; padding techniques, stamps, etc.

The extremely highly pigmented acrylic paint offers optimal coverage, while retaining all the liquid properties of an ink. Fast drying, 100% light-fast, weather resistant, durable, with a matte finish and of course without solvents.

The One4All can be ideally used on a large number of surfaces: metal, plastic, glass, leather, clay, etc.). Ideal for use on shoes and furniture. It can also be used on absorbent surfaces: (paper, cardboard, textile, ceramics, wood, etc.) such as posters, canvas, shirts, signs and much more …

dilutable with acetone or water.

Pay attention! Do not mix the One4All with alcohol-based inks!

One bottle contains 30ml. With the special filler cap you can easily fill your markers or your airbrush.

The Molotow 2mm empty marker is suitable for all types of ink and paint refills.


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