Molotow DRIPSTICK™ Rollerball 3mm Marker



Molotow DRIPSTICK™ Rollerball 3mm Marker

3mm rollerball dripstick marker

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
RB / 3mm / Signal White € 5.15 4
RB / 3mm / Chrome € 5.15 2
RB / 3mm / Zinc Yellow € 5.15 3
RB / 3mm / Traffic Red € 5.15 2
RB / 3mm / Tulip Blue € 5.15 4

Molotow DRIPSTICK™ Rollerball 3mm Marker

Here is the new Molotow DRIPSTICK ™ Rollerball 3mm Marker! This small format marker is available in 6 colors! Due to the 3 mm rollerball / ball, this dripstick works perfectly on coarse surfaces such as concrete, cardboard, stone, wood and metal. You can control the amount of ink well by squeezing the dripstick hard or gently.

The glossy alcohol ink is permanent, has good coverage, dries quickly and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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