Javana Texi Max Opak Textile marker


Javana Kreul

Javana Texi Max Opak Textile marker

Textile pen with 2 to 4 mm wide lines. Available in 12 shades

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Javana Blue € 3.75 3
Javana Teal € 3.75 2
Javana Orange € 3.75 6
Javana Violet € 3.75 3
Javana Pink € 3.75 5
Javana Green € 3.75 1
Javana Yellow € 3.75 1
Javana Silver € 3.75 4
Javana Gold € 3.75 3
Javana Copper € 3.75 2

Javana Texi Max Opak Textile marker

These high quality textile markers from the brand Javana Texi Max contain a 2 to 4mm bullet point and the ink is water-based.

This marker can be used on both dark and light (colored) textiles, including cotton, batiste, linen, silk and cotton-mixed fabrics with a maximum of 20% synthetic fibers.

After the ink has dried on fabric, it is lightfast and wash resistant (inside out up to 40 ° C)

Pay attention:
This pen has a pressure flow system. This means that you first have to push the nib a number of times (eg on a cardboard), so that the ink will flow through the nib.
Thanks to this system, a good ink layer comes out of the pen, which provides better coverage than conventional pens.


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