Edding 1340 Brush Pen starterkit van 10



Edding 1340 Brush Pen starterkit van 10

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Edding 1340 Brush Pen starterkit van 10

This brush pen has a flexible brush tip that makes drawing on paper and cards fun. You can create fine details and wide brush strokes effortlessly, even in large areas. This allows you to conjure up amusing cartoon characters or floral designs on invitations or paper napkins. Another popular use for this pen is coloring soft materials such as rubber stamps. This can be done easily with the brush tip and you can use different colors on the stamp design.

The soft, flexible tip of this brush pen produces beautiful results in many brilliant colors. The ink is odorless and water-based.

  • Felt-tip pen for lettering and coloring, drawings and layouts on light-colored paper
  • The brush tip has variable stroke width
  • The water-based ink is water soluble until dry and will not bleed through the paper
  • Set consists of 10 colors


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