Happy stones

Happy Stones

Happy Stones, also known as rock painting, is enormously popular. This is not surprising, since it is great fun to do and to collect them. But what are Happy Stones, how does it work exactly and what kind of paint should you use?

What are Happy Stones?
Happy Stones are colourful painted stones that are hidden in nature. If you find one you can keep it or hide it somewhere else to make someone else happy.

How do I make my own Happy Stones?
Making your own Happy Stones is a great hobby and also a fun activity for children. But how do you transform a normal stone into a Happy Stone? The creative process of making Happy Stones starts with collecting the stones. Look for different shapes and sizes for more variety. First wash the stones before painting them.

Now you can paint the stones with a nice design of for example an animal, fruit or whatever you like! Painting stones is very easy with paint pens. Most acrylic paint pens are perfect for painting on stone. You can also paint the stones with acrylic paint and a small brush.

Finally, hide the Happy Stones outside again for the lucky finder.