Decorative letter stencils set in 2 sizes

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Decorative letter stencils set in 2 sizes

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Decorative letter stencils set in 2 sizes

This is a complete alphabet decorative letter set. These letter stencils contain a cutout of the entire alphabet in both uppercase, lowercase and numbers, spread over 30 stencil sheets and can be used for a variety of purposes. Think wall decorations, signs, menus, furniture, baking, postcards, crafts and much more. This is a reusable and child friendly stencil.

2 sizes:
Stencil size of 8.5 x 13 cm and letter height of 4-6 cm
Stencil size of 11.8 x 16 cm and letter height of 6-7 cm
30 stencil sheets with 64 characters
Complete alphabet with upper and lower case letters and numbers


Highly detailed laser-cut stencil
Made of flexible reusable plastic
Suitable for various paints

The material

This stencil is cut from 0.5mm official Mylar plastic. This plastic material is flexible yet extremely durable and suitable for use with all paints. Mylar is food safe and will last a long time if cared for properly.


QBIX stencils are perfect for walls, windows, DIY projects, furniture, fabric, glass etching, chalk paint, crafts, baking, signage and just about anything that paint will stick to.

How it works.

Clean the surface you want to apply your stencil to.
Lay out the stencil exactly how you want it, securing it with painter’s tape if necessary.
Cover the area outside the stencil if necessary – of course, you don’t want paint to get into places you didn’t intend it to!
Apply the paint.
Carefully lift the stencil straight up from your surface.

Tip: Make sure the stencil is completely dry before you put it back in the box!


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