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A very easy and very cheap way to brighten up your interior or clothes is with stencil art! Stencils are also ideal for use in graffiti and street art. There are many artists who choose to paint with a stencil, because it is a lot faster and gives perfect results every time, think of Banksy’s art. All you need is a nice stencil and a pot of paint in a nice colour. Use stencil letters or numbers to create an appropriate word, quote or date. You can also work with shapes and themes, such as a stencil of a flower, star, butterfly, mandala, Christmas or animals. For a really personal result, you can of course also make your own stencil with stencil paper, instead of buying a ready-made stencil. You do not even need a stencil machine. You can find out how in this blog!

What is stencil art?
A stencil is a stencil made of a material that allows paint to pass through it and makes prints. They are often made of flexible plastic or cardboard with a shape cut out. Stencils are very easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Stencils can be used to pimp your living room wall, but they can also be used outdoors for street art. You can also use several stencils on top of each other or next to each other for a different effect. Graffiti artists who use stencils are for example Banksy, Dot Dot Dot, Faile, C15, Nick Walker, Black le Rat and Logan Hicks.

Why use a stencil?
Stencils are very easy to use. With a stencil you will always get a perfect result. Ways to apply stencil art at home: Paint a quote or the names of your family members on the wall. Use stencils in the children’s or baby’s room! Paint your child’s name on the bedroom door in his or her favourite colour. You can also paint the alphabet or the tables on the wall, so that your child can practise this a lot. Stencils are also great to use outside around the house. A nice quote in the backyard, your house number in a nice font or how about a hopscotch diagram for the kids! Just make sure that you use paint that is intended for outdoor use.

How do you paint a stencil?
It is very simple to work with a stencil. First of all, make sure that the surface is free of grease, clean and dry. It is best to use a flat surface, such as a wall. If you are working with loose letters, it is useful to apply a guide line, for example lightly with a pencil. Attaching the stencil is very important. The stencil must sit firmly on the surface so that no paint runs through it. This can be done with your fingers, but it is often more convenient to temporarily fix the stencil with masking tape or spray glue. Use a roller or brush to apply the paint or ink. Be careful not to use too much paint or ink. You can also use a spray can for the application, which is even faster and gives a nice result. Remove the stencil carefully, immediately after painting, when the paint is still wet. Clean the stencil after use and use it as often as you like!

How do I make my own stencil?
You can also easily make a stencil yourself. This is of course very unique and also cheap. You will need stencil foil. On this foil you can draw your desired shape or quote for your stencil and cut it out. You can cut this out with a simple hobby knife on a cutting mat, or you can use a cutting plotter for a more professional result. In the webshop we offer a Stencil-art kit, which contains everything you need to create your own stencils. So the options for creating stencil art are endless. Pimp your interior, make special street art or design your own unique stencils. Let your creativity run wild!

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